Voice Programmed Remedy Maker Mk1 & Mk2

The essential feature of any full function Radionic Potentiser or Remedy maker is to have some means of inputting Remedy information. This is frequently done by inputting "Rates" using a series of rotary dials calibrated 0 - 10. The main problem with this is that any device which incorporates these techniques cannot be made small enough to fit in the pocket.

The Voice Programmed Remedy Maker that we have designed gets over this difficulty. Measuring only 130mm x 65mm x 25mm, and weighing 106 grams, the device is fitted with a special kind of microphone which converts speech into subtle vibrations. These are then stored in a temporary memory inside the device, and then amplified and fed to a tiny "Well" that is fitted in the instrument, in which the bottle of blank unpotentised tablets are placed.

In use, the device is held close to the mouth, a button on the side of the Remedy Maker is pressed in, and you speak the name of a Remedy you want immediately followed by the Potency (if any). The button is then released and a "beep" sound is heard confirming that a remedy has been recorded and stored. Then the device is placed on a table or flat surface and a small bottle of tablets, or even just one or two tablets can be placed in the small 30.3mm ( 1. 3/16" ) diameter Stainless Steel Well that is fitted in the device. A switch next to the Well is operated and held down for about 3 seconds, and then released, and the device again beeps to confirm that your remedy has been made.

If required more bottles of tablets can be placed in the well and potentised simply by again operating this switch, or if required a lead can be plugged into an output socket on the side of the device to feed remedies to a larger receptacle, ( such as a metal baking dish) so that you can potentise a large amount of a substance all in one go. Then the temporary memory can be cleared by operating another small switch on the side of the device so that another remedy can be inputted.

The Remedy Maker also incorporates an "Automatic Lock" facility. Each time a remedy is made, the vibrations are immediately automatically locked into the carrier material, so that they cannot fade even if the tablets are then touched by the hand, dropped on the floor, or stored next to stong smelling sustances. This technique of locking the vibrations into the carrier is a result of work pioneered by White Mountain, and to our knowledge no other company offers devices that incorporate this facility.

Remedies can even be made and given to patients, or oneself, even if no blank tablets are available, simply by placing a finger in the metal well on the device, operating the Make switch and transferring the vibrations directly into the body. This makes the device ideal to use as an emergancy first aid device, for example it could be used to make Apis Mellifica, which is a powerful Bee Sting Treatment, or one could give a dose of Malaria Officinalis, which is considered by many to be useful in Malaria prevention.

Another useful feature of the device is the ability to make multiple remedies. You can record Remedy and Potency information about one remedy, then do the same thing again with another Remedy, and again until you have stored as many remedies as you require to make up your remedy combination, which can have each different "ingredient" with a different potency. Then the tablets are potentised exactly as previously described.

The special beauty of this device is that within seconds you can be making vibrational remedies from literally anything you can think of, Homeopathic materials or Rates, Gemstones, Colours, Flower Remedies, Frequencies, Herbs, or even the illness itself. "My Throat problem", for example, or "The pain in my leg" etc.

The Voice Programmed Remedy Maker (Mk1) comes in a matt black case, and is available for just U.S $395.00 (plus Shipping charges)

The device is supplied with an output lead and clip so that remedies can be fed to larger receptacles, and two Lithium coin cell batteries which have a ten year lifespan. We also of course supply full instructions.

Voice Prog. Remedy Maker Mk2

This special version of the Voice Programmed Remedy Maker looks identical to the standard version but it is fitted with a different output switch and modified circuitry that enables remedies to be remotely and continuously transmitted to patients in one position of the switch, or in the other position remedies can be made exactly the same as in the standard version.

The remote transmission is acheived by placing a hair sample from the patient in the little well of the device once the remedy vibrations have been created, and then the output switch is set on continuous. In addition extra length output leads can be supplied to connect to hand holds or acupuncture needles as required, please ask for details.

The Voice Programmed Remedy Maker (Mk2) is available for U.S $425.00 (plus Shipping charges)

Need to do lots of Remedy Copying?

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Note: None of these devices can make Medical Drugs. They will make any Homeopathic Remedy, in fact any kind of vibrational remedy. No claims are made that these devices can cure any specific illness, but in the hands of an experienced practitioner they will prove invaluable. If you have no previous experience in using vibrational medicines, some books on Homoeopathy are recommended.

Warning: Medical Drugs can be damaging to the health, and cause serious side effects, even death.

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Device & Photo's Copyright Sept 1999 Gillian Lee

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