Proximity Copier

Prox Copier shown with optional Pickup Sensor

The Proximity Copier ( Prox Copier ) was designed for use together with any of our Voice Programmed devices to make copying easier.

Built into an attractive cream colored case with exactly the same dimensions as a Voice Programmed remedy Maker, the device is able to copy vibrations from anything placed in the 40mm diameter stainless steel well, or with an optional Pickup Sensor, then transfer them into the temporary memory of any Voice Programmed device, when it is placed a within a distance of 9 inches of the device.

In use the device is placed close to the Voice Programmed Remedy maker, Voice Programmed Healer, or Combo Remedy Maker, and the remedy or substance you want to copy from is placed in the well of the Prox Copier. Optionally a Pickup Sensor can be supplied that can be plugged into the Prox Copier, to pickup vibrations from photographs, or pictures in books, or anything that it is desired to copy from that is too large to place in the Copy well.

Voice Prog Remedy Maker ( left ) Prox Copier ( right )

When the switch is operated on the Prox Copier, the vibrations from it will be transferred into the Remedy Maker it is placed next to, the remedy then being made on that device. Note: The Proximity Copier cannot Make, Copy or Store remedies on its own. It must be used together with a Voice Programmed device of some kind.

Transferring vibrations from a picture to tablets, using Prox Copier with Pickup Sensor (right) and Voice Programmed Remedy Maker (left)


Proximity Copiers are priced at U.S $125.00 (plus Shipping)

Pickup Sensor for use with the Prox Copier is U.S $28.00

Device & Web Page Copyright April 2006 Gillian Lee

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