The Mini Spring


It may look small but this little device can perform miracles for your health when fitted to the water supply connected to your faucet. The device is not a water purifier, and it cannot remove physical pollutants that may be in your drinking water, but what is does do is place into the water supply all frequencies from 1Hz to 100Khz, plus an energy program which trains the body to select out exactly which frequencies it requires for optimum health (on a day to day basis) rejecting all others.

This injection of subtle vibrational energy also serves to wipe the water clean of any negative or pollutant frequencies that might be present in the water, which although might not be detectable physically, could still have been very harmful to the health. The devices also improves the taste of the water, giving a noticable "zing" with the advantage of inumerable health giving qualities.

In spite of its small size ( only 60mm x 35mm x 20mm ) the device packs a mighty punch outputting a power level equivalent to 5 times the strength of any Homoeopathic Remedy bought at a Pharmacy, ensuring that the beneficial effects can be felt immediatly. This is particular valuable to users suffering from skin conditions, such as excema, as the itching often disapears within minutes.

Even the most hamfisted or incompetant person can fit this device in minutes, and the device requires no adjustments and once fitted can be left in place and forgotten about. Fitting involves finding the cold pipe leading to your faucet and coiling the output electrode around it. The electrode is then plugged into the unit and hangs there on the wire, as shown in the photograph below:


Of course if you have an under sink water filtration system that is good and you can place the Mini Spring on the hose that leads out of the system. If you can find the place where the water pipe comes into the house you can attach the Mini Spring to that, and have all the water in the house energized.

Please note the unit is not designed for outdoor use.

Just wanting to let you know that I have received the parcel yesterday. I have connected the water purifer ( Mini Spring ) and the water tastes wonderful. We had a little taste test with the other water samples and the purified water sample does taste different and light with more energy.   Thank you :) Cheers, Lakshmi - Victoria, Australia.

The Mini Spring is priced at $49.99 plus shipping charges


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